Smart cities

The delivery of content by proximity in outdoor and indoor environments provides an added value that people will associate with technology and innovation, improving the vision about their city and enriching their daily lives.

BATTO is the perfect opportunity to know better the people who live in your city.

Which kind of content can you send in Smart Cities?


Locate points of notification of your city


Send images, audio, videos, animations, graphics...


About public transport, museums, municipal facilities...


Guide citizens by the city


Take into account citizens’ opinion


Keep your citizenship informed

BATTO is used in many application areas such as transport and mobility, culture, events, public information...

Benefits of BATTO for Smart Cities

Connect public services with citizens and increase their efficiency

Increase citizens' satisfaction and promote their participation

Know better people who live together in your environment

Improve the life quality of the inhabitants putting this technology at their service

Place your city within a smart context of future