Much more than marketing

Its operation is very simple.

Thanks to small Bluetooth beacons placed in strategic areas of your business, your clients will receive information on their mobile devices in the right place and at the right time.

Its main benefits are the following: attract customers to businesses, increase visits and, thus, increase sales and improve your public image. In addition, the possibility of sharing all the content received through social networks is vital to increase dissemination of your products and services; something that will undoubtedly boost the visibility of your business.

But wait, there is more. You can create unique experiences with BATTO by adding elements of games to encourage users to interact and participate. These include the generation of contents and quizzes with questions or the possibility of sending tickets Scratchcards. These features enable to make funny conferences or digitize gamified experiences like gymkhanas or treasure hunts.

The great value of BATTO is that it provides analytics of the behaviour of your customers and visitors. Thanks to these, you can identify how they move and walk inside your business, the hot and cold zones, products most viewed, the duration and frequency of visits, content most shared… In this way, you can adapt your marketing strategy according to habits and preferences detected by the tool.

Transform your business with BATTO and be different!