Pamplona’s city walls

Its historical and monumental heritage, as well as its famous festivities and traditions make the capital of Navarre a city that receives both national and international tourism.

The City Council of Pamplona has launched a new application with BATTO technology and QR codes that will allow residents and visitors to get information about the city walls through their mobile devices, thus complementing the physical signage of the tourist routes.

In addition, with the aim of updating the tourist story of Pamplona and focusing on the identity elements of the city, the contents of the tourist route between the Fort of San Bartolomé and the General Archive of Navarre have been developed in collaboration with LABRIT PATRIMONIO. It is expected that this system will gradually be applied to other routes and places of the city.

With contents in Spanish, Basque, English, French and Catalan, this app is usable and accessible, complementing itself with texts that are spoken, subtitles and with sign language.