Catching and maintaining the attention of attendees is vital to make your exposition success. Send additional content in real time while you are doing your presentation.

BATTO is essential to enliven your chat; attendees will enjoy it and will have fun with special gamification techniques.

Which kind of content can you send in Conferences?


Send images, videos, documents and links about the conference and its speakers


Attendees can give their opinion about the presentation


Inform attendees about the schedules of presentations and so on


Use gamification to encourage listeners


Challenge the audience with questions about the chat

Use BATTO in many application areas such as presentations, chats, conferences, courses, workshops...

Benefits of BATTO in Conferences

Be different making your presentation entertaining and funny

Improve attendees’ satisfaction and know their opinion

Attendees can get additional information in their mobile devices

Surprise listeners with the possibilities offered by gamification

Create a special, dynamic and participatory environment