Customers of your shop, mall or merchants association will be fully informed of the latest promotions and news associated to your business thanks to BATTO.

In addition, it generates a great source of information by the interaction of your customers with beacons. This will help you to define and improve your marketing campaigns.

Which kind of content can you send in Shops?


Shops belonging to a merchants association


Send links to your online store, images, videos and information of your products


Attract your customers with special offers


Promote your products and services


Know the perception that your customers have of your shop


Attract your customers with raffles

Use BATTO in many application areas such as shops, supermarkets, malls, merchants associations...

Benefits of BATTO at Shops

Improve the image of your business and increase sales

Adapt your marketing strategy and take full advantage of contextualization

Measure the loyalty of your customers and know their opinion

Detect customers’ preferences and habits

Increase the dissemination of your business and improve its visibility through social networks