Adjust your marketing strategy according to the habits and preferences of your customers

BATTO tool is a powerful generator of very valuable information about your customers.

All the data can be the key to understand them and know them better. You can offer them what they are looking for, enhancing the strengths points of your products and services and trying to correct the weakest ones.

Access to valuable information about the interactions made by your customers and know the success of your campaigns of proximity.


Number and type of users

Know the number of new users and those who repeat

State of notifications

Identify the number of notifications consulted, shared and deleted by users. Study tracking of notifications on social networks

Duration and frequency of visits

Find out how long users are on the scope of beacons

Follow their steps

Know paths and tours made by your customers inside your business

Hot and cold areas

Detect areas with more and less transit to organize your products and services in strategic places