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What BATTO is

Proximity Marketing Platform + App + Beacons


Much more than marketing

Aware of the huge impact of mobile technologies in our lives, we are offering you BATTO: an innovative tool that aims to establish a new direct communication channel between any type of business and its customers.

Videos, audio, images, text or links to web pages, as well as discounts, offers, routes or maps; they are some examples of the types of content that you can send with this powerful solution.

Solutions to meet every need

You can configure your campaign in less than 10 minutes with the app, or if you want, we can design a unique and personalized solution to you

Batto vs Customization

Benefits of BATTO

A simple tool with so much to offer you, hurry up and use it!

Offer exclusive content

Generate community and new customers offering them information of the products, offers, discounts and… many more surprises!

Manage your campaigns

Focus your content to the appropriate target, contextualize your communications for your target customers and increase the degree of success of your campaigns

Detect habits and preferences

Access to the analytics of your customers’ behaviours (hot and cold spots, most shared content…) to adapt your marketing strategy

Increase the visibility of your business

Encourage your customers to share information through social networks, increasing exponentially the dissemination of your products and services

Improve the brand image

Update your brand image and create high-quality marketing campaigns to attract the attention of your customers

Increase your visits and improve your sales

Attract and surprise your customers with unique services to their mobile devices. Do not miss this great opportunity!

Where BATTO is used

Different contexts in which you can use BATTO, but remember, the only limits are the ones your imagination makes


Smart cities

The delivery of content by proximity in outdoor and indoor environments provides an added value...


This technological and innovative tool provides a great differential value to your tourist services both...


Customers of your shop, mall or merchants association will be fully informed of the latest...

Museums and exhibitions

You have the perfect opportunity to show additional information about your exhibited works: authors, artistic...


Catching and maintaining the attention of attendees is vital to make your exposition success. Send...

Events and fairs

The dissemination of content by proximity provides huge benefits to your event. It makes your...

Airports and stations

BATTO provides numerous advantages to an airport, station or port and it will help you...

Sports venues

You will make your sport venue communicate with attendees by sending all kinds of contents...


Encourage your customers with the use of game mechanics

Treasure hunts

Organize gymkhanas and treasure hunts to your users. They will enjoy them... until finding the last big prize!

Treasure hunts
Scratch and win

Only the luckiest will receive the award-winning coupon, while non-winners will have to wait until next raffle... cross your fingers!

Scratch and win

Design hilarious contests of questions for your customers with scores, timers, rankings... Who will be the final winner?



Get information from the interactions made by your customers


Adjust your marketing strategy according to the habits and preferences of your customers

  • Measure their FIDELITY: new visits and repeated visits
  • Discover the ROUTES that they make
  • Identify the SUCCESS RATE of your notifications

Price List


from79 €/month*

  • Unlimited notification delivery
  • Contests and raffles
  • Content Management web access
  • All types of notifications included
  • BATTO App with unlimited downloads
  • User analytics
  • 1 BATTO beacon included
  • * for an annual contract

For Events

from99 €

  • Unlimited notification delivery
  • Contests and raffles
  • Content Management web access
  • All types of notifications included
  • BATTO App with unlimited downloads
  • User analytics


Tailored to your needs

  • Rebranding. Enjoy your corporate app!
  • PUSH notifications service
  • Integration with responsive websites (Rebranding required)
  • Integration with other apps
  • … and all you can imagine!

Additional services

  • Days/months and areas of notification extra
  • Management of notifications
  • Supply and deployment of beacons
  • New types of notifications

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